cups-files.conf - file and directory configuration file for cups


The cups-file.conf file configures the files and directories used by the CUPS scheduler, cupsd(8). It is normally located in the /etc/cups directory.

Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character.


The following directives are understood by cupsd(8). Consult the on-line help for detailed descriptions:

  • AccessLog filename
  • AccessLog syslog
    Defines the access log filename.
  • ConfigFilePerm mode
    Specifies the permissions for all configuration files that the scheduler writes.
  • DataDir path
    Specified the directory where data files can be found.
  • DocumentRoot directory
    Specifies the root directory for the internal web server documents.
  • ErrorLog filename
  • ErrorLog syslog
    Specifies the error log filename.
  • FatalErrors none
  • FatalErrors all -kind [... -kind]
  • FatalErrors kind [... kind]
    Specifies which errors are fatal, causing the scheduler to exit. "Kind" is "browse", "config", "listen", "log", or "permissions".
  • FileDevice Yes
  • FileDevice No
    Specifies whether the file pseudo-device can be used for new printer queues.
  • FontPath directory[:directory:...]
    Specifies the search path for fonts.
  • Group group-name-or-number
    Specifies the group name or ID that will be used when executing external programs.
  • LogFilePerm mode
    Specifies the permissions for all log files that the scheduler writes.
  • PageLog filename
  • PageLog syslog
    Specifies the page log filename.
  • Printcap
  • Printcap filename
    Specifies the filename for a printcap file that is updated automatically with a list of available printers (needed for legacy applications); specifying Printcap with no filename disables printcap generation.
  • RemoteRoot user-name
    Specifies the username that is associated with unauthenticated root accesses.
  • RequestRoot directory
    Specifies the directory to store print jobs and other HTTP request data.
  • ServerBin directory
    Specifies the directory where backends, CGIs, daemons, and filters may be found.
  • ServerCertificate filename
    Specifies the encryption certificate to use.
  • ServerKey filename
    Specifies the encryption key to use.
  • ServerRoot directory
    Specifies the directory where the server configuration files can be found.
  • SystemGroup group-name [group-name ...]
    Specifies the group(s) to use for System class authentication.
  • TempDir directory
    Specifies the directory where temporary files are stored.
  • User user-name
    Specifies the user name or ID that is used when running external programs.


classes.conf(5), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5), mime.convs(5), mime.types(5), printers.conf(5), subscriptions.conf(5),


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