cftp - Conch command-line SFTP client


cftp [-B buffer_size ] [-b command_file ] [-R num_requests ] [-s subsystem ] .Os


cftp is a client for logging into a remote machine and executing commands to send and receive file information. It can wrap a number of file transfer subsystems

The options are as follows:

-tag -width Ds
-B Specifies the default size of the buffer to use for sending and receiving. (Default value: 32768 bytes.)
-b File to read commands from, '-' for stdin. (Default value: interactive/stdin.)
-R Number of requests to make before waiting for a reply.
-s Subsystem/server program to connect to.

The following commands are recognised by :

-tag -width Ds
Ic cd path Change the remote directory to 'path'.
Ic chgrp gid path Change the gid of 'path' to 'gid'.
Ic chmod mode path Change mode of 'path' to 'mode'.
Ic chown uid path Change uid of 'path' to 'uid'.
Ic exit Disconnect from the server.
Ic get remote-path Op local-path Get remote file and optionally store it at specified local path.
Ic help Get a list of available commands.
Ic lcd path Change local directory to 'path'.
Ic lls Op ls-options Op path Display local directory listing.
Ic lmkdir path Create local directory.
Ic ln linkpath targetpath Symlink remote file.
Ic lpwd Print the local working directory.
Ic ls Op -l Op path Display remote directory listing.
Ic mkdir path Create remote directory.
Ic progress Toggle progress bar.
Ic put local-path Op remote-path Transfer local file to remote location
Ic pwd Print the remote working directory.
Ic quit Disconnect from the server.
Ic rename oldpath newpath Rename remote file.
Ic rmdir path Remove remote directory.
Ic rm path Remove remote file.
Ic version Print the SFTP version.
Ic ? Synonym for 'help'.


cftp by Paul Swartz <>. Man page by Mary Gardiner <>.



Copyright © 2005-2008 Twisted Matrix Laboratories
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.