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Man page 1 : Xmark

Xmark 1 "x11perf 1.5.4" "X Version 11"

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Xmark - summarize x11perf results


Xmark datafile


Xmark is a shell script that reads the indicated datafile and compiles a benchmark which it writes to standard output. It writes three numbers:

A weighted performance number for the x11perfresults.

A weighted performance number for a standard SparcStation 1, with SunOS 4.1.2, X11R5 Xsun, and a CG3 dumb Color Frame Buffer.

The Xmark, which is the ratio of the two numbers above.

The datafile must be an ordinary file, produced by x11perf in the following way:

x11perf -display display -v1.3 -rop GXcopy GXxor -all > datafile

It is possible to run the GXcopy and GXxor tests separately, as long as they are concatenated to the same output file:

x11perf -display  display  -v1.3 -rop GXcopy -all >  datafile
x11perf -display  display  -v1.3 -rop GXxor -all >>  datafile


x11perf -display  display  -v1.3 -rop GXxor -all >  datafile
x11perf -display  display  -v1.3 -rop GXcopy -all >>  datafile


    Temporary file created in the current directory, deleted after use.


Usage: Xmark datafile
    .I Xmark was invoked without arguments or with more than one argument, or with options. Xmark takes no options.

Error: data file does not exist or is not ordinary.
    .I Xmark cannot find the datafile named on its command line, or the datafile is a special file such as a directory.

  • "WARNING: datafile contains " nnn ", not 441 or 447 'trep' results;"
        The file named on the command line does not seem to be a file generated by x11perf in the expected way.
  • "Diagnostic: ERROR: sum of weights =" nnn ", not equal to 4566.0;"
        There is an internal error in Xmark.


X(7), x11perf(1), x11perfcomp(1)

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